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Wear Eyewear Can Help May Dry Eyes More Comfortable

Dry eye syndrome is a condition in which the eyes do not produce enough tears to stay comfortably lubricated, or the quality of the tears is not sufficient. The discomfort from dry eye syndrome can interfere with normal work tasks or enjoyment of leisure activities. A number of solutions are available to help with this problem. Your Chicago optometrist can provide options to relieve the discomfort of dry eye syndrome that will help you to see more clearly and more comfortably.

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Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eyes can be caused by many different factors. Often, simple aging can cause the eyes to produce fewer tears. Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, lupus, thyroid disorders and vitamin deficiencies can cause dry eyes. If you take certain medications, you may develop dry eyes. Decongestants, acne control drugs, high blood pressure medications and antidepressants can have this effect. If the tear glands become damaged by injury or radiation, dry eyes can result. Some individuals develop dry eyes after LASIK eye surgery, but this problem generally resolves over a period of time. Working or living in a very dry or dusty environment can cause dry eyes, and working at the computer, which can cause individuals to blink less frequently than normal can also result in dry eyes.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

You may feel a chronic scratchy feeling in the eyes. Eye mucus may be thick and stringy. Or you may notice an increased sensitivity to light. Your eyes may be red and watery. Your vision may be blurry, or you may have difficulty with night driving. Some people report a feeling that there is something chronically in the eyes.

Relieving the Discomfort from Dry Eye Syndrome

Mild eye dryness can be relieved with artificial tear compounds that can be purchased over the counter. However, more severe cases may require medications to improve the amount and quality of tears. Plugs can be inserted to block tear ducts that drain away tears. Special inserts can be placed into the eyes that release a medication to relieve dryness. Closing the tear ducts may also be necessary to reduce dryness. A change to soft contact lenses can be helpful for relieving dry eyes. Your optometrist in Chicago or Orland Park can advise you on the best ways to treat your dry eye problem.

Call Wear Eyewear for Help With Dry Eye Discomfort

Dr.  Jordan Jones, Dr. Natalie Wozny and the trained staff at Wear Eyewear are dedicated to providing superior vision care for their patients. With offices in Chicago and Orland Park, we offer our patients a wide range of eye care services, including examinations, eyeglass fittings, contact lens fitting, computer glasses, sunglasses, hard to fit lenses and care for dry eye syndrome.

Call Wear Eyewear at 312-255-1212 in Chicago or at 708-349-9327 in Orland Park to make an appointment to discuss treatment of your dry eye problem.