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Wear Eyewear Can Help With Hard-To-Fit Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great way to have clear vision without the inconvenience of wearing eyeglasses. However, some individuals may have difficulty getting the proper fit for their contact lenses. They may find them so uncomfortable they give up on wearing contacts. The optometrists at Wear Eyewear have the specialized knowledge and equipment to ensure that you get lenses that fit you correctly and comfortably.

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Conditions That Can Make Contact Hard To Fit

Some eye conditions may cause difficulty in fitting contact lenses. Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease in which the cornea of the eye becomes thinner and develops a cone shape. Astigmatism is caused by an irregularly shaped cornea that produces multiple points of focus on the retina of the eye. Presbyopia is a thickening and a loss of flexibility in the natural lens. Giant papillary conjunctivitis, dry eyes, and problems after LASIK surgery can also cause difficulties with proper contact lens fit.

Contact Lens Options For Hard To Fit Eyes

Different types of contact lenses are available that can help to correct these problems. A rigid, gas-permeable lens that holds its shape can help to compensate for the irregular shape of the cornea. Piggybacking rigid, gas-permeable lenses on top of soft contact lenses can provide better vision for some individuals if they find the rigid lenses alone too uncomfortable. Scleral lenses fit on the white sclera of the eye, vaulting over the cone shaped cornea, which can provide a more stable fit. Hybrid lenses that have a rigid center area, surrounding by a softer gel-like material, for better clarity and more comfortable fit. Soft contact lenses can also be made to fit individuals with irregular corneal shapes. Toric lenses are specially made lenses that can rotate to the correct orientation on the cornea to provide clearer vision. Your Chicago and Orland Park optometrists can provide more information on these special lenses for hard to fit patients.

Contact Wear Eyewear in Chicago or Orland Park, Illinois

Dr. Jordan Jones, Dr. Natalie Wozny and the friendly staff at Wear Eyewear take great pride in providing superior vision care for their patients. We offer a broad range of vision services, including eye exams, eyeglass fitting, contact lens fitting, computer glasses, sunglasses, LASIK surgery consultation and hard-to-fit contacts. Call Wear Eyewear today at 312-255-1212 in Chicago or at 708-349-9237 in Orland Park for an appointment to discuss better techniques for fitting your contact lenses.