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Pediatric Eye Care at Wear Eyewear

The phrase "through the eyes of a child" implies the ability to see something as if for the first time -- and childhood is indeed a formative period for eye and vision development. That's why it's so important that your kids receive the periodic eye evaluations and any necessary treatment to ensure that their vision can follow its normal developmental course, from babyhood all the way through the school years. Our optometry team at Wear Eyewear, Dr. Jones, and Dr. Wozny, can make sure your little ones are on track to enjoy optimal eyesight for life.

pediatric eye care

Challenges to Children's Vision

Kids are subject to many potential eye and vision challenges while they're learning how to coordinate their eye and brain function. Examples include:

  • Congenital eye diseases - Even infants can suffer from eye diseases. For instance, if one of your baby's eyes appears cloudy instead of clear, a juvenile cataract might be present. Tumors and other ailments may also occur.
  • Refractive errors - Refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (blurred vision due to corneal irregularities) typically make their first appearance in early childhood. these issues can affect your child's safety, physical coordination, eye comfort and academic performance.
  • Eye function issues - An eye misalignment known as strabismus can interfere with the eyes' ability to focus. This, in turn, can encourage the brain to prefer one eye's input over the other, a condition called amblyopia ("lazy eye") that limits depth perception. A drooping eyelid, or ptosis, can reduce the visual quality in one eye, and this can promote amblyopia as well.

Pediatric Eye Exams and Treatments for Chicago Kids

Our clinic follows the guidelines of the American Optometric Association in recommending three critical eye exams for Chicago kids, not counting any original evaluations your pediatrician may have made shortly after your child's birth. These comprehensive exams should occur around the ages of 6 months, 3 years, and 5 to 6 years (in anticipation of the first day of school).

Scheduling the first exam at 6 months gives the child's brain and eyes an essential settling-in period in which initial vision development can occur. We will look for eye diseases and check basic eye functions. At 3 years, we will add vision tests and interact with your child to ask what he is seeing. During the third exam, we will pay special attention to diagnosing and correcting any refractive errors that might interfere with schoolwork or sports. If your child is having vision problems, we can recommend vision therapy and provide sturdy, fashionable eyeglasses to correct the problem. As your child progresses through school, we will want to keep administering eye exams every other year (or every year if we're monitoring an eye/vision issue).

Give Your Little One's Eyesight a Great Start in Life

Call Wear Eyewear at 312-255-1212 to schedule a pediatric eye exam. We can help your kids experience optimal vision!