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Improving Vision with Contact Lens Exams in Chicago or Orland Park

Correcting your vision in an optometry clinic starts with determining your specific needs. At Wear Eyewear in Chicago and Orland Park, we offer a contact lens exam from our optometrist to help determine the appropriate prescription, type of lenses and lens size for your eyes.

woman holding out contact lens in chicago

What is a Contact Lens Exam?

A contact lens exam in Orland Park or Chicago is a process of checking on your vision and determining the appropriate sizing for each contact lens. During the exam, we determine the health of your eyes and whether you can wear contacts. We also measures your eyes to select an appropriate size based on your needs and situation.

Why Consider the Exam?

The reason we recommend an exam from our optometrist in our Chicago or Orland Park clinics depend on your situation. Generally, we recommend the exam if you prefer to avoid wearing traditional glasses or if you have other concerns limiting your ability to wear glasses. The lenses correct your vision and allow you to focus on other interests or goals.

After determining the appropriate prescription for your visual needs, we may discuss the different options for your eyes. For example, we may suggest toric contact lenses if we discover astigmatism in one or both of your eyes. We may also recommend different lenses based on your lifestyle and your personal situation.

Types of Contact Lenses

The types of contact lenses for your eyes depend on the situation and your goals. Generally, the lenses fall into a few main categories based on the amount of time before you must replace the lenses or specific eye care needs.

Common types of lenses include:

  • Toric lenses for individuals with astigmatism

  • Multifocal lenses to correct more than one visual concern

  • Colored contacts, or cosmetic lenses

  • Daily disposable lenses

  • Extended wear lenses

  • Soft lenses

In most cases, we recommend soft lenses or daily disposable lenses to correct your vision. We may suggest specialized lenses when appropriate for your situation and needs. Extended wear lenses are most appropriate when you plan to sleep with the lenses or must wear them for long periods of time before removing the lenses. Cosmetic lenses may or may not contain a prescription for your visual health and needs.

When to Discuss Your Needs with Our Eye Doctor in Chicago or Orland Park

Visiting our eye doctor for contact lenses ultimately depends on your preferences and needs. Generally, we recommend an annual or bi-annual visit to check on the health of your eyes and any changes to your vision. We may suggest more regular visits if we have concerns about a health condition. Otherwise, you want to discuss contacts when you decide to try wearing contacts instead of traditional glasses to correct your vision.

Your eyes play an important role in your health and perception. When you have concerns about changes to your vision or you want to stop wearing traditional glasses, contacts may help with your needs. To learn more about the different types of lenses, contact us today.