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Chicago Location: 312-255-1212

Orland Park Location: 708-349-9327

Wear Eyewear Optometry in Chicago


Visual health is a key part of your lifestyle. When you notice changes to your vision and you live in the Chicago or Orland Park area, a professional at Wear Eyewear provides the tools you need to accomplish your goals. A doctor of optometry evaluates your needs and then recommends a solution to correct and improve your vision.

What is Optometry?

Optometry refers to a traditional process of evaluating your eye care needs and concerns. At our clinic, a doctor of optometry evaluates your vision by providing exams and checking on changes to your eyes. We may also recommend tests for glaucoma or related eye health concerns in certain situations. Generally, an optometrist is a type of primary care professional for your eyes. Optometrists provide the check-ups and basic vision care you need to maintain the health of your eyes.

When to Consider an Eye Exam

An eye exam is a basic part of visual health because it allows a professional to determine the risks to your eyes at different stages of life. You want an eye exam one a yearly basis. If you have a risk for certain conditions or you notice changes to your vision, then consider more regular check-ups on your eyes. You may also need additional exams during pregnancy, while taking certain medications or after reaching a certain age. Parents should consider exams for their children each year to keep track of changes to a child's vision over time.

Selecting Contacts or Glasses

When an exam identifies a change to your vision, you may need glasses or contacts. At our clinic in Chicago, we help you find frames to fit your style and prescription. We may also provide a specialized exam to measure your eyes if you choose to wear contacts instead of glasses. A professional helps you pick out a trendy or comfortable pair of glasses based on your needs and goals. Our recommendations depend on your budget, goals and the styles you prefer. We also help you identify the right type of frames for your lifestyle, including specialized options if you engage in sports or related activities.

Contact Our Chicago Clinic

When you notice a sudden change to your vision in Chicago, Wear Eyewear offers the assistance you need to address your concerns. Our Chicago location is near the Magnificent Mile for your convenience. Our accessible location makes it easy for you to get in and see an optometrist about any concerns that may arise. We allow residents of the city to set up an appointment to check on vision changes. An optometrist evaluates the changes and identifies the cause before recommending corrective solutions.

Your eyes require the right treatments and care over a lifetime. Whether you want to check on changes to your eyes or you plan to keep your children's eyes healthy with regular check-ups, we have the tools to assist with your goals. For more details about our exams or an appointment in our Chicago clinic, call 312-255-1212 today.

Wear Eyewear in Chicago
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